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Bed Bug Treatments – Complete Guide to Survival

Bed bug treatments are equally challenging for the professionals performing them as well as the people who go through the process in their homes or offices.  The expert NYC Exterminators at ODIN Pest Control Our goal in preparing this complete guide to surviving bed bug treatments is to use our expertise,  use input form former survivors, and industry experts to provide readers a practical roadmap to getting through this ordeal. We felt that having an interactive discussion would benefit our readers by providing a place where readers can pose questions and obtain answers from experts and former clients who had sucesfully completed bed bug exterminations.

For questions and or to contribute, guest blog, or to request additional content please reach out to our team by emailing us at, or , or tag us on Instagram with #askthepestpros.

Bed Bug treatments  – Frequently Asked Questions

In meeting and helping 100s of clients every month we encounter a set of very important questions that relate to bed bug treatments and what best practices our clients could take.  We will try to provide questions and answers from our former clients, readers, and offer explanations from clients with first hand experience as well as leading industry experts and veteran operators from New York Pest Control Companies and their amazing and talented counterparts operating New Jersey Pest Control Companies.

Can I treat one room at a time for bed bugs?

Bed Bugs are living creatures that move about as freely as any organism seeking food, shelter, and survival. Experienced bed bug exterminators never advise a single room treatment as it leaves major gaps in successfully eradicating bed bugs from your home or office.

A recent study published in 2015 by Rutgers University bed bug experts concludes that that bed bugs can travel extensively in infested apartments. The study goes on to point out bed bugs’ mobility by illustrating experiments that showed bed bugs moving between apartments in infested buildings.

The practical answer is that the bed bugs got into your home or office somehow, whether hitchhiking on clothes or luggage.  There is nothing stopping them from moving over to an adjoining part of the house except a hollow sheetrock wall from infesting.

Our bed bug extermination programs are designed to provide our clients a comprehensive treatment that disinfects and provides treatment to the entire apartment, home, or office.  For more information on our treatments and to inquire about the cost of bed bug treatments in New York and New Jersey contact our trained bed bug experts today. 

Who will perform the bed bug treatment?

Given the sensitive nature of the work being performed we do not delegate bed bug treatments to our general technicians. Only senior level expert NJ and NYC bed bug exterminators including the company owners perform all bed bug treatments. While this may be different with other bed bug exterminators, our team choose to have the best best bed bug exterminators handle the bed bug work. Our goal is to provide our clients a comprehensive all-inclusive experience designed to restore confidence and get you back to your life as efficiently as possible.  Our promise to you is that a responsible party with years of experience and practice will be by your side throughout the entire process.

How long will the bed bug removal take?

We recommend that you schedule your treatment on a day and time in which you are not pressed with other responsibilities and events. Plan on this being the main event of your day. Schedule your bed bug extermination on a day that allows our bed bug exterminators ample time to arrive, inspect, assess, and thoroughly treat your home or office for bedbugs.

TIP – Working? Make plans with our office so that we may arrive and perform the treatment while you are at work.

Bed bug removal in NYC & NJ takes approximately 2 to 4 hours depending on the size and complexity of the property being exterminated for bed bugs. Additionally, safety protocols require that you and your loved vacate your property for 2 to 4 hours after the treatment. IN total from the time we arrive to the time you can go back into your home can be anywhere between 4 to 6 hours.

TIP – Give yourself several hours of reserve time and plan on vacating the apartment for 2 to 4 hours after the completion of the bed bug treatment. Traffic and weather conditions often present surprises to our bed bug exterminators in New York City and New Jersey.

Can I stay during a bed bug treatment?

We generally request that a responsible adult remain near or around the property during the treatment. Our specialist will provide you with a specialized respirator so that you may oversee the work being performed and assist the bed bug exterminators if necessary.

TIP – If you cannot be present for the treatment let our staff know ahead of time so that we may provide you with a video walk through of the treatment and communicate with you if necessary.

How long until I can return to my home?

You can come back home 4 hours after the completion of our treatment. One major misconception is that clients’ apartments will not be accessible for extended periods of time after the completion of the treatment.  You will be able to sleep in your own home that same night.  We utilize some of the most advanced NYC & NJ pest control products and technology available on the market today. Our use of eco-friendly bed bug treatment methods allows you to return to your home in New York & New Jersey and back to your life immediately.

TIP – If you or someone in your home has asthma, is elderly, or otherwise disabled or may need special attention please communicate this to our staff upon scheduling your appointment. We utilize extreme care while performing our work and will do our best to ensure your safety. However, it is always best to take extra pre-cautions and as such we ask that you make this known to our staff during the time when you schedule the treatment.

What do I do with pets during my bed bug treatment?

We take great care in making sure our treatments are built around you and your home. That means we understand we are working in people’s homes.  In small apartment settings it is advisable to make arrangements to have your dog or cat stay with a friend or a doggy daycare for the duration of the treatment. Your pets may return home at the same time as you do.

TIP – In larger apartments and houses you may utilize a designated well ventilated room to house your pet during the treatment.

Do you treat personal items like clothes, shoes, and bags for bed bugs?

Shoes, bags, and durable personal items can be treated for bed bugs in Packtite heat tents which will eradicate bed bug via the use of heat. We offer Packtite heat tent rentals in New York City and New Jersey as a courtesy service to our clients. To arrange for a New Jersey Packtite rental or a packtite rental in New York City or to include Packtite heat tent installation as a package of your bed bug treatment, please make arrangements with our staff when scheduling your appointment.

We will do not treat your clothes, luggage, shoes, or personal items as part of our standard treatment. Our bed bug steamers are commercial grade and designed to emit extremely high temperatures to kill bed bugs and bed bug eggs. Insect control products are not designed or allowed by law to be applied to such items.

TIP – Packtite heat tents are great tools at disinfecting your personal items including shoes, bags, luggage, and durable personal items. Our clients have had great success since we started providing this service.

TIP – We have trusted relationships with several NYC bed bug laundry and dry-cleaning services in New York and New Jersey who are able to pick-up, disinfect, and wash or dry-clean your clothing. To make arrangements for this service please discuss this with our staff upon scheduling your bed bug treatmentv

 Can I wash and dry my own clothing?

Absolutely!  Clothing that is run through the dryer on high heat for two cycles (approximately 45 to 60 minutes) will ensure that all bed bugs will be eradicated. We recommend having clean plastic see through garbage bags available to place your clothing inside after it is disinfected. 

What should I do with my clothing during bed bug treatments?

Bagging up of clothing is an area of debate: while laundering and disinfecting your clothing is a key component of a bed bug treatment, getting the timing right is key. Your bed bug exterminator needs a safe working environment so he or she can focus on eradicating your bed bugs. Making sure they have clear and un-obstructed access to your apartment or home is key in making that happen.

Reams of giant garage bags filled with clothing scattered throughout your apartment will not make the bed bugs go away faster. This will make it difficult for our NYC and NJ bed bug exterminators to perform a thorough bed bug treatment. We are left focusing on moving and maneuvering around obstacles instead of performing our job.

Our trained bed bug specialists will advise you on the best methods of preparing for your bed bug extermination in NYC and NJ. Please do not hesitate to address these concerns with our experienced staff prior to your treatment. 

TIP – Make arrangement for clothing to be picked up and or delivered to a laundromat prior to the treatment. This will make space for us to bring in our equipment and perform our job to the best of our abilities.



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