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Chemicals used in bed bug extermination

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Which chemicals are used by exterminators to kill bed bugs?

In order to effectively eradicate a bed bug infestation, Bed bug exterminators rely on multiple chemical insecticides as part of a complete bed bug program. Exterminators classify insecticides by their intended purpose, their mode of action, and the pest they can eradicate.

However effective chemicals may be in the fight against a bed bug epidemic, their use comes with a stigma. Three main  concerns arise for our clients; 1) What potential harm can the chemical cause to them, 2) Does the person applying this chemical possess the necessary reasoning skills and training to apply this chemical in a safe manner consistent with the manufacturer, federal, and state regulations? and 3) Will it work?

The sections below provide important information such as product information, hazards handling, first aid measures, and important contact numbers. Please feel free to browse and download.



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