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New York City Rat Exterminator

Same day expert rat extermination in New York City is available 7 days a week 365 days a year. Our New York City rat exterminators and rodent control pros will respond immediately to eliminate rats and rodents with maximum efficiency and provide you with sustained results. We specialize in residential and commercial pest control throughout New York City with exceptional quality of service at great prices. If you need a rat exterminator in NYC and the surrounding areas – call the experts at ODIN Pest Control.  Our experienced team will help you take back control of your property today! 

Rodent Control in NYC 

Rodent control in NYC is available with fast same-day service 7 days a week n the following areas in New York – Quick service and experienced specialists will inspect, asses,, and remediate on-site.

  • Westchester County (Yonkers, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, White Plains, Peekskill, Rye, Scarsdale,NY)
  • New York City Metro Area (Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, Queens).
  • Nassau County, NY

RODENTGUARD360 New York City rodent control programs dedicated to exterminating rats in NYC with superior results and expert service. Our service will eliminate rodents, provide vermin exclusion and prevention, and utilize leading pest management technologies to provide continual and ongoing control for your home or office. 

RODENTGUARD360  Program Features & Details

Our service is designed to work with our clients in order to achieve pest elimination and put you back in control of your property. Our experienced staff will help you remove city violations, establish a comprehensive rodent control program, work with your tenants, and dedicate every resource at our disposal to make the rat extermination service efficient and effective.

Our initial visit will achieve two important objectives;

  1. To exterminate and control rat problems with fast and immediate measures, and
  2. To provide our experts a chance to assess your property for the best rat extermination and control options. for ongoing and continual rodent control. We will assess rodent entry points, identify structural weaknesses, and provide a customized plan based on the property needs.
Rat extermination in New York is performed with a 3 step process which includes – elimination, prevention and exclusion, and ongoing control.  Our experts will work with you to identify the type of vermin infesting your property, implement the best rodent extermination techniques, perform a thorough exclusion and pest proofing designed to keep rodent out, and work you to design an ongoing control program.
Our expert rat control pros will use leading vermin elimination techniques to exterminate your ongoing rodent problem. We will perform a thorough assessment and seal off entry points to exclude rodents from entering your property. Our experts will strategically place discreet bait stations and traps to eradicate the live rat population infesting your home or office. We will then implement a an ongoing control program to monitor and continually prevent rodents from infesting your property.

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