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Professional Pest Extermination New York City & New Jersey

Same-day pest exterminators in New York City, NY and New Jersey. ODIN is a local pest control company operated by expert NYC & NJ exterminators. Our dedicated pros are ready to get rid of bed bugs, roaches, rats, mice, and provide top rated service with cost effective prices. 

Our pest exterminators in New York service the following areas 7 Days a Week:

  • New York City Metro Area (Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, Queens).
  • Westchester County (Yonkers, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, White Plains, Peekskill, Rye, Scarsdale,
  • Nassau County, NY

Our New Jersey exterminators service the following areas 7 days a week:

  • Hudson County, NJ
  • Bergen County, NJ
  • Essex County, NJ
  • Union County, NJ
  • Middlesex County, NJ

Our clients always get top-rated exterminators in NYC & NJ who are eager to provide quality and unparalleled customer care and craftsmanship. We specialize in catering to the needs of residential and commercial clients alike. We look forward to solving your pest problem today! 

The ODIN Pest Control Promise 

Our specialists will employ every tool at our disposal to eliminate your infestation swiftly and effectively. We will protect your home or office by implementing a comprehensive treatment program designed for success and pest prevention.  Our work is backed by a 90 day warranty designed with your needs in mind. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to inquire about exclusive offers.  Call 1-877-410-3259  or  Text 1-646-259-3669    

Top 5 Pest Control Services New York & New Jersey

Our talented pest extermination provide clients throughout NYC and NJ with top level pest control service. We provide same-day appointments and immediate response for the top 5 pest control services in New York & New Jersey.  To control infestations of roaches, ants, bed bugs, mice, and rats call the team at ODIN Pest Control. Our top 5 pest control services in NY and NJ are backed by a standard 90-Day Warranty

Whether you are seeking help in getting rid of a residential infestation or need a dedicated commercial plan, we have the tools and experience to help you get rid of any pest problem. Our pest control services include removal and extermination of the following major pests from homes, offices, hotels, schools, restaurants, apartments, and more. 

  • based on npma best practice standards in bed bug management
  • free thermal imaging inspection
  • cryonite "freeze" aplication
  • steam vapor dissinfection
  • micron wall injection
  • exacticide dust injection
  • perimeter actisol application
  • free scensci activ monitors installed
  • free mattress encasements
  • unlimited follow up vesits
  • 6 month warranty
cymex guard plus
plus forlarger jbed bug jobs
cymexguard plus includes everything in our pro treatment •added tools for larger bed bug jobs
  • 2 packtite heat teant rentals to dissinfect your personals
  • bed bug dog inspection to for added assurance
  • free activeguard mattresscovers
  • unlimited folow up visits
  • 6 month warranty
cymex thermal
bed bug heat treatments 100% effective
cymexguard thermal heat remediation technology 100% effectiveness and 0% hassle
  • everything in our plustreatment
  • no-preparation of personal items or furniture
  • no laundry or dry-cleaning
  • bed bug dog inspection
  • free activeguardmattress covers
  • 6 month warranty
Silverfish Extermination in NYC & NJ. Fast, Effective Pest Control.

Silver Fish

Stinging Pests Extermination in NYC & NJ. Fast, Effective Pest Control.

Stinging Pests

Flies Extermination in NYC & NJ. Fast, Effective Pest Control.


NYC & NJ Beetle Control Services. Pest Control Services in NYC & NJ.


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bed bug extermination in NYC & NJ

We developed a custom program for bed bug extermination in New York City & New Jersey. Our custom bedbug eradication service in NYC & NJ will get rid of bedbugs with sustained results. Our programs are hand picked and chosen from the best technologies.  We take pride in having one of the most comprehensive bedbugs extermination programs in New York & New Jersey.

Visit our free knowledge base on all things bedbug related. Our expert staff and former clients take pride in providing answers to common questions on a wide range of bed bug topics such as how to identify bed bugs, upload images and get free pest id information or view other bed bug pictures to tips and suggestions on preparing for a bed bug treatment, practical ideas for prevention of bed bugs while traveling, as well as what steps residents should to take after a bed bug treatment in NYC or NJ.  

Our team is dedicated to understanding the sensitive nature of dealing with bed bug infestations. We welcome your questions or comments and can be reached by email phone or social media. Discretion is guaranteed.  

TIP – Visit our bed bug exterminators resources page for tips and expert suggestions on preparing for your bed bug treatment and answers to commonly asked questions. 

Roach Exterminator
NYC cockroach exterminators

Our team has expert NYC roaches exterminators who developed a leading program that is designed to eliminate the infestation in your home or office. Cockroaches are among the most common pests found in homes and commercial establishments.  Having origins dating back to over 400 million years, these insects are are a carrier of disease and can spread exponentially if left un-treated or treated in correctly. 

Successful extermination of roaches is a multi step process that has been perfected by the pest control industry. Our expert Exterminators can get rid of a roach infestation relatively fast and efficiently.

With experience and the right pest control tools a roach infestation can controlled and eliminated.  Our team provides same day service for extermination of roaches in NYC & NJ.  To get a quote or for more information contact our pest pros today.

Mice Exterminators
mice exterminators New York NY ODIN Pest Control

ODIN Pest control provides New York and New Jersey residents and business owners with top-quality mice extermination services. Our NYC mice exterminators will identify and seal rodent entry points, place discreet and temper proof rodent bait stations in and around your property, and monitor the issue to make sure all mice are controlled and eliminated from your home or office. With a proven track record of success in providing New York and New Jersey with affordable extermination services, ODIN Pest Control will eliminate your pest issues.  Call today for promotions and to hire affordable mice exterminators in NY and NJ.

Ant Exterminators
New Jersey ant exterminators

Ants are one of the most intriguing pests that present special chalenges to ant exterminators. Falling into the category of social insects, ants develop colonies and complex travel networks designed to provide their queen with food.  Seeking food and shelter often times these unsightly insects make their way into our homes and offices.  Our specialized ant exterminators understand ant behavior and biology and are able to provide immediate and long-term control for ants in New York and New Jersey. Spraying over the counter insecticides at ants will not get rid of the ants infesting your home. This will simply kill those visible ants. Surely in as little as several hours, new worker ants will emerge.  Ant control requires a detailed approach to isolate entry points and implement strategic control measures to make sure that the entire colony is no longer a threat to your home or office. ODIN Pest Control provides affordable ant control in New Jersey and New York 7 days a week – so don’t let the ants get you. Call the expert ant exterminators today!

Expert Extermination Services

Pest Problem..Eliminated. ODIN adheres to the highest safety standards which are designed to minimize risk and maximize results. We enforce success by only hiring the best exterminators in New York and New Jersey.  We pride ourselves as being a leader in providing expert extermination services in NYC and NJ with cutting edge pest control technologies.

Get the quality of service you deserve without the burden of high costs of pest control services or stress.  ODIN- There For Your When it Counts the Most. 

The culture at ODIN fosters forward thinking technologists whose cornerstone is on customer engagement and building lasting relationships. We are a boutique style pest control firm made up of a tightly knit team of technicians and specialists. Our all-inclusive eco-friendly approach relies on cutting edge pest management techniques. All of our programs are adopted from veteran extermination specialists in the.

Our programs are based on Integrated Pest Management techniques and pest management best practices developed by the National Pest Management Association and veteran extermination specialists.  

Each component of our programs is carefully hand selected and tested.  We invest heavily into research and development and work closely with leading entomologists and industry professionals to provide our clients customized solutions. Pest infestations are solved with top-rated customer service and unparalleled quality.

Pest Elimination

Pest control is a multi-faceted operation, and we strive to be the best at all of its dimensions. We’re a top-ranked pest control agency in New York City, and we focus on three key aspects of pest elimination: first, we aim to provide comprehensive diagnosis. We have highly trained experts who know how to get the job done. Next, we focus on creating a plan of treatment. We aim to ensure that you’ve got the best approach possible to your pest problem. Finally, we focus on client education — making sure you have all the tools necessary to prevent further infestation.

If you’re in Bergen, Union, Passaic, Hudson, Essex, Middlesex, or Ocean County NJ, you can benefit from the exceptional value that ODIN Pest Control brings to the fore. Call us today to learn more.

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