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Exterminate, Exclude, Control

Our expert rat control pros will use leading vermin elimination techniques to exterminate your ongoing rodent problem. We will perform a thorough assessment and seal off entry points to exclude rodents from entering your property. Our experts will strategically place discreet bait stations and traps to eradicate the live rat population infesting your home or office. We will then implement a an ongoing control program to monitor and continually prevent rodents from infesting your property.

Rodent Control Process

The Rodent Control process by ODIN

Rat extermination in New York is performed with a 3 step process which includes – elimination, prevention and exclusion, and ongoing control.  Our experts will work with you to identify the type of vermin infesting your property, implement the best rodent extermination techniques, perform a thorough exclusion and pest proofing designed to keep rodent out, and work you to design an ongoing control program.