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  • NJ ant exterminators offer same day service
    with a 90 Day warranty. 7 days a week / 365 Days a year.

New Jersey Ant Exterminators

Our expert NJ ant exterminators provide top quality service 7 days a week 365 days a year through out New Jersey.  Our experts will use leading pest management methods and eco-friendly treatment plans to effectively eliminate this pest from your home or office. With a 90 day service warranty and a top-rated team of experts, call the ant exterminators NJ residents have been relying on for years and end your pest problem today!

For years now our experts have been serving home owners and businesses throughout the garden states by providing excellent services at great prices. We take tremendous pride in our work and and dedication to our clients.  We strive to be the best at what we do by continually exceeding our client expectations and setting the bar high on our own standards. Our team is there for you when it counts the most.

Ant Extermination NJ

For top-rated services at reasonable prices call the NJ ant exterminators today. Our experts will provide you with un-matched customer service and dedication to making sure your pest issue resolved swiftly and effectively.  We are are always happy to hear from the community and are available for you to answer questions, discuss treatment options, and offer DIY advice. Call the pros today or you could send us a text by click here.

Ant control New Jersey

Our New Jersey ant control programs are built around a multi-visit treatment plan built around total ant removal and control new jersey can rely on. Ants that invade your home or office will be eradicated along with the ant colonies in and around your property. We strive to provide leading eco-friendly pest control technologies for superior ant control New Jersey residents can rely on.  Your home or office will be pest free with results visible after the first visit! Using the best ant extermination technologies, we have built an effective program that gets rid of ants with maximum effectiveness in the least amount of time possible. Let our team do the heavy work, so you can get back to your every day routine.

NJ ant control with ANTGAURD360  the thee dimensional approach to ant removal that is designed to eradicate and remove ant infestations from your new jersey home or office.

Ants are social insects that rely on worker ants, male drones, and queens to establish complex networks designed to provide food and shelter to ensure their survival and reproduction. 

The first step in getting rid of ants starts with a thorough inspection and understanding of the ants severity of the infestation, type of ants infesting your home or office, and the extent of their colonies. 

Our experts will use their experience and knowledge in ant biology and behavior to identify the ant types infesting your home or office and establish a comprehensive ant control program that will eliminate existing colonies and prevent future infestations of ants invading your home.

We will perform a comprehensive ant treatment utilizing the latest technologies in residential and commercial pest management. Our treatment includes a powerful combination of eco-friendly techniques designed for maximum effectiveness and control:

  • Perimeter spray application exterior of the house.Interior crack & crevice spray injection application around perimeter of the home. 
  • Discreet Bait stations Installed  in all affected rooms.
  • Growth regulator injection application to provide residual control to prevent reproduction.
    Dust insecticide injection into the walls in affected areas for long term control.
  • Monitors installed to record activity.
  • Pest proofing / exclusion to prevent pest re-entry.
  • follow up visits.
  • 90 day service warranty.

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Ant Control New Jersey

At ODIN Pest Control we aspire to the highest standards in service and customer satisfaction. New jersey ant control services are one of our specialties and focus areas. Our team has years of experience in providing New Jersey ant removal services. Backed by a proven track record our NJ ant exterminators will provide you with dedication and reliability. Give ODIN a call today and your home or office will be ant free. Have your pest problem solved by the company that provides ant control new jersey has relied on for years.

The experts at ODIN Pest control provide top quality ant control services in New Jersey 7 days a week 365 days a year. Our NJ ant extermination experts service the following counties in New Jersey – 

  • Union County, New Jersey
  • Middlesex County, New Jersey
  • Hudson County, New Jersey
  • Essex County New Jersey
  • Bergen County New Jersey

We provide new jersey effective results, fast response times, eco-friendly pest control plans, service 7 days a week 365 days a year, warm & friendly customer service. 

Get in touch with us today to discuss ant treatments in New Jersey and special offers. Our specialists will provide you with the information you need to make an informed and educated decision on how to get rid of ants in New Jersey. 

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