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Bed Bug Exterminator NJ

ODIN Pest Control of New Jersey provides bed bug extermination services to clients residing in Jersey City, NJ, Hoboken, NJ, Edgewater NJ, Bayonne, NJ, Newark, NJ and surrounding areas. Using the latest methods in pest control our comprehensive bed bug removal service in NJ will completely eradicate this pest from your apartment, home, or office, and your life with several treatments.


Sucesfully exterminating bed bugs depends on the treatment methods employed and expertise of the pest management professional supervising the treatment. ODIN Pest Control - Bed Bug exterminator NJ To ensure our clients get the best, we built our program around the NPMA Best Practices for Bed Bug Management; a set of rules and guidelines developed by regulators, leading academics, entomologists, and veteran pest management professionals.  The BMPs ensure safety, effectiveness, and outline the best methods in the industry to effectively control bed bugs.


Our bed bug extermination services in NJ use a holistic approach that utilizes an intensive combination of heat treatment, high temperature bed bugs steamers, Cryonite freeze killing bed bugs, certified HEPA vacuum cleaners, and a powerful chemical treatment designed to put a sledge hammer through the bed bugs life cycle. Standard with every service in New Jersey is a multiple visit treatment that is backed by a 90 day service warranty. We are confident that our team will provide you with a complete solution in dealing with your bed bug infestation. 


To schedule service in New Jersey contact our bed bug removal experts today at 1-201-706-7073. Our quick 15 Min consultation is always FREE and will help you understand the costs of bed bug extermination in NJ, the benefits of various treatment options, and answer your questions regarding the treatment process. We offer same-day service in New Jersey within the following counties; Hudson County, NJ, Bergen County,NJ, Essex County, NJ, Union County, NJ, and Middlesex County, NJ.

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New Jersey Bed Bug Extermination

ODIN Pest Control proudly offers bed bug extermination services NJ residents have been relying on for over 10 year. We will be discreet in our work while preserving your right to privacy at all times. Whether you are a New Jersey Business owner or resident we will make every effort to give you our best in exterminating your bed bug infestation from your apartment, office, or home. Our promise to our clients is that of dedication and resolve! We hold our selves to the highest standards in our profession. Our goal is to be your ally and give you the peace of mind in knowing you have a top-rated New Jersey bed bug extermination company in your corner. 

We use a three dimensional approach to bed bug removal services in NJ and focus on the big picture – sustained results!  We hire and train the best exterminators in NJ and use the best products and equipment available to our industry. This allows us to pass the value down to our clients and offer a top-rated service with the highest quality.  Hiring ODIN Pest Control means having a top-rated exterminator in your corner. 

Exterminating bed bugs in New Jersey using the latest technology in pest management. Check out the details of our fully comprehensive bed bug treatment.  Available with same-day service and in eco-friendly options, our team will remove your bed bugs and keep them out of your apartment, home, or office.

Our warranty is our testament to our service quality and exceptional customer care. Our expertise and long standing in the New Jersey community gives us the ability and resources to provide clients with a superior service warranty. No hassles. No Gimmicks. We will come back and retreat the issues untill it is resolved. 
Bed Bug extermination is a complex process that involves surgical like precision to strategically eliminate the existing infestation.  We do not believe in setting a cap on the number of visits to effectively get rid of your bed bug problem. At a minimum we prefer to conduct two thorough treatments. This allows us to be meticulous and ensure that we have covered every possible scenario. In some cases more treatments may be necessary to get an issue under control. We will not charge you in most cases involving reasonable delays. Just let our team know if you have a difficulty or have been presented with some unforeseen even. We will always do our best to accommodate our clients.
Using heat in exterminating bed bugs is a chemical free approach and one of the most effective methods to kill these pests in every life stage. When used as part of a complete treatment along with other measures, adding heat as means of exterminating bed bugs increases the success rate dr. We use highly specialized bed bug steamers in bed bug treatments to add an extra layer of protection that ensures a higher kill rate.  Using heat generated from our bed bug steamers we will kill bed bugs and their eggs by thoroughly treating your mattresses, bed frames, box springs, couches, furniture, perimeter of the property.
Cryonite is a patented technology designed to get rid of bed bugs using non-toxic frozen particles of carbon dioxide.  Bed bugs die in extreme temperatures and the use of Cryonite as part of our treatment plan significantly improves our results and effectiveness at getting rid of bed bugs. 
Our experts will perform a targeted chemical application using eco-friendly insect control products that will put a sledge hammer through the bed bugs life cycle. Our highly effective application will control chemically resistant bed bug strains and their eggs. Our treatment is designed to foresee every contingency and possibility. 

  • Dust injection into all wall voids to destroy bed bugs in their strongholds.
  • Furniture application using low toxic high residual products to protect your furniture from infestations.
  • A thorough Crack & Crevice treatment to penetrate deep hiding places and eliminate bed bugs and bed bugs eggs.
  • Every wall void, Electric outlet, and electric switch will be thoroughly treated to eradicate and prevent bed bugs from harboring in these areas.
Attention to detail is the golden thread that weaves together any successful project or undertaking. When dealing with bedbug infestations it is important for the pest management professional to work with their clients before, during, and after the treatment.  Our team excels at and takes huge steps to make sure our clients have the dedication and support needed to get through this difficult time and stay bed bug free. We provide follow up visits, monitoring, and dedicated support available for you when you need it the most.

For tips and answers on preparing for your bed bug extermination in New Jersey and other frequently asked questions relating to bed bug extermination check out our bed bug treatment survival guide.  Our experts and former clients always make sure to update the resource so it is most useful and up to date.

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